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Meet Bianca Lillyman, owner of Paper Hearts Design

How did your story begin in the world of scrapbooking?

Officially, it started in 1998, when a friend (Hi Pam!) kept talking about her scrapbook albums.  I asked her to bring one in to show me … and that was it, love at first sight.  But I guess I could go even further back than that to when I was 15 years old and I made an album for my Dad using an old fashioned photo album, a glue stick and patterned wallpaper scraps!

Since then I have taught workshops on the mainland and on Vancouver Island, making many new friends along the way.  It is what I enjoy most about my career in this paper crafting industry … sharing my passion with other talented ladies.

What’s your favorite embellishment?

Hmmm, that’s always changing depending on what’s new and trendy.  Right now I would say wood veneer and Thickers.  I’ve come a long way since the wallpaper 😉

Where is your favorite place to scrap?

In my spacious, dreamworld scrapbooking room with tons of natural light and organized storage …. but then I wake up and I’m actually sitting in the dark little corner of my bedroom that serves as my ‘creative space’ (much to the chagrin of my husband … paper dust and bits everywhere!).  My favourite place would have to be anywhere that gets my creative mojo flowing.

What’s your favorite scrapping munchies?

I try not to eat or drink anything but water near my pages.  Let’s just say I’ve seen some disastrous spills in the many years I’ve worked in this industry!

What kind of camera do you use?

My husband just gave me my first SLR for Christmas, a Nikon D3300 which I am ecstatic to have!  I am slowly learning how to use it … very, very slowly.

What’s the one tool you couldn’t live without?

Hmm, besides my paper trimmer?  Right now I seem to be using my two favourite border punches a lot. Oh, and my scissors, and sanding block, and …

What do you try to achieve when scrapbooking a layout?

It goes back and forth.  Sometimes I have an important story I want to document for us to look back on.  Other times there is no story, just some new product I want to try out and a super cute picture of my kids to go with it!

What’s my favorite topic to scrap?

The right answer to say here is my two darling children, Esme and Max, but I love scrapbooking any aspect of our life.  Our trips, our day-to-day, anything that inspires me.

Why we do it?

There have been times I ask myself this but then I see my kids choosing one of our albums as their bedtime story and I remember why.  And to be honest, I love playing with pretty paper and bits, it’s my creative outlet!